About us

Clinic's not just a creative agency,
it's something else

Our clients come to us because they want something else. They don't necessarily even know what it is.

We solve communications problems, pure and simple. And we do it with creative thinking, involving everybody who works here.

It's powered us since 1983, in which time we've created almost everything you can imagine - including the thing you need doing right now.

It could be work that makes people believe in something, helps them have fun, brings them up to speed, makes them go "Ooh", convinces them to put their hand in their pocket, inspires them to click a button or any one of a million other things.

Don't think of us as just an alternative to all the other agencies - we're something else.

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Help @LDNairamb get a second helicopter by attending this fundraiser, organised by @cliniclondon designer @EdChando http://t.co/Q2fwHtqtAE

Internal voting for the @ChipShopAwards starts tomorrow #chipshopawards http://t.co/1XsxEJ57p3

This does not look like a staged bus journey at all @techcrunch http://t.co/62IrOCx5Zw #wishwelivedinsanfrancisco