As large as life

February 15, 2012

I went along to this, the Quentin Blake exhibition at the Foundling Museum in Bloomsbury. Most well known for his illustration of Roald Dahl books this exhibition features works of art that he has created for hospitals and gives an interesting perspective on using art not only to distract, but also to heal.
Quentin Blake explains, “I think the very presence of pictures helps to make being in, or visiting a hospital a more normal, less alien experience. What I have tried to include is a certain amount of detail, some interesting activities, and some suggestions of the little drama of relationships, so that the viewers – especially any who have to wait – may feel the desire to go on looking and perhaps even to speculate about the stories happening in front of them.”
His work has featured in a mental health ward, a clinic for eating disorders and a maternity ward. The exhibition is on until April 15th.