Justin Sutcliffe Clinic Instagram Guest Takeover #7

April 20, 2017

This week we welcome one of our talented partners to take part in our Clinic Takeover – photographer Justin Sutcliffe.

Justin was born on the south coast of Britain and discovered his love of photography as a child, after being given a camera for a day trip to France. He turned professional after completing higher education and moved to New York in his early twenties. Since then, Justin has worked as a portrait photographer and documentary photojournalist, travelling to more than 80 countries. Justin is now currently based in the UK.

Justin 2

“A young Afghan girl surprised by my camera, as she stared into our car, stuck in slow-moving traffic. Kabul. Feel so lucky that my work takes me to interesting corners of the world – 81 countries at last count. It’s such a constant buzz to learn about other cultures.”

Justin 3

“Saw this ageing ‘Beamer’ parked on a driveway in southeast London on my way to the train. Overgrown with bright yellow flowers it immediately caught my eye – dreamlike scene in an unexpected place.”

Justin 4

“After the Asian Ocean Tsunami, I returned several times to Banda Aceh, Indonesia and on one trip, spent a day at sea with locals whose fishing boats had been replaced through the work of a major charity. The youngest on board, was the first to fall asleep on the way out to the fishing grounds.”

Justin 5

“A female sea cadet makes her cap sit right as Sea Cadets gather in London for the annual Trafalgar Day celebration. Young cadets gather from all over the UK for the parade and displays.”

Justin 6

“Night out in Leeds, during a location-scouting trip for a major campaign. A blur of neon and lairy drivers.”

Justin 7

“While working in Zimbabwe and editing a shoot in the hotel room. Heard a tap on the glass. When I looked out, this tiny beautiful Sun Bird was sitting dazed on the ground outside. Thought it might be hurt and scooped it up. After a few minutes of sitting calmly in my palm it suddenly took flight back into the trees…magical few moments.”

Justin 8

“Uri Geller, photographed at his UK home, sat in a car he had decorated with twisted cutlery.”

Justin 9

“A man cycling around the ring-road in Kabul, covered by a mass of helium balloons he was taking to sell.”

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