Barnaby Newton Clinic Instagram Guest Takeover #9

June 2, 2017

Barnaby Newton is providing us with images this week for his Clinic Takeover.

Barnaby is a London based commercial photographer, specialising in portrait, beauty, fashion and lifestyle. We’ve worked with Barnaby on a number of projects and we’re very happy that he has chosen to take part in our Clinic Takeover.

Image 1 - Amazonian man with feather headress

“Globalisation has arrived, he and his people’s traditional way of life has been compromised. Now, he lives with his tribe in a village that is open daily for tourists to visit. You get the sense that he has been reduced down to a performer, trotting out dances and magical ceremonies for the gawking visitors.”

Image 2 - Garage mechanic wiping sweat

“A garage mechanic in the desert city of Nazca wipes away sweat and oil as he poses for the photograph.”

Image 3 - Cowboy

“We met a number of people with mental disabilities walking the streets. The royal crown of the Real Madrid logo contrasts with the dirt on his face and hands.”

Image 4 - The Metal Collector

“Known with affection by the tour guides and bar workers in the city, he spends his days hunting down scrap metal for a few coins. These, our guide assured us, would then be exchanged for drugs.”

Image 5 - Motorbike looking for the checkpoint

“Cutting through the desert to Arequipa, a lone motorcyclist stands up to see where the next checkpoint might appear through the dust cloud.”

Image 6 - Crowds gather in the desert

“Crowds gathering around the checkpoint create a surreal impression. People meander in disparate groups as they attempt to divine where the drivers are most likely to pass. The strangely magical sight of seeing crowds of people congregate in the middle of the desert. Every conflagration of people in the desert. Groups speculate on where the most likely crossing point would be for the riders though they could appear from anywhere beyond the horizon, having traversed up to 800-900 kilometre sections with just a map. The cars and trucks have a co-driver to help with navigation, but the motorbikers are totally self-reliant.

Out of sight, below a ridge, a competitor hurtles across the desert, leaving a dust cloud in their wake.”

Image 7 - Man and car

“Their imminent arrival of the drivers in announced by a swirling dust devil on the horizon. Silence in the blistering heat of the desert is broken by the rumblings of the racers who soon streak across. They come through either one-by-one, or in clusters. The noise intensifies as their vehicles hammer over the vast expenses. Metal gears screech as they pursue their insane purpose.

Here, a man turns before being enveloped from the impending dust cloud. His brimmed hat the only respite from the blazing heat.”

Image 8 - Petronas truck

“The trucks come through last and are met enthusiastically by the spectators. They barrage past in formidable fashion, churning up enormous clouds of dust. The metal heads who’ve stood all day in the desert to cheer them are sometimes rewarded with a blast of the horn…and then they’re gone.”

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