Stuey B Clinic Instagram Guest Takeover #10

July 7, 2017

Taking part in our Clinic Takeover this week is photographer Stuey B.

Stuey trained as a graphic designer then spent over 26 years as an award-winning art director/creative director. He is now a highly regarded photographer/filmmaker, bringing together his strategic advertising experience with his fabulous eye for graphic composition to make him a quite unique image maker.

If you’d like to keep up with his latest images and thoughts, then please follow his photoblog

When we approached Stuey with the idea of taking part in the Clinic Takeover, he advised “it’s important they are loaded in order, beginning with number 1”, when we pushed him on sending over captions to accompany his images, he said “no captions. I like the viewer to enjoy interpretation and find their own narrative, but the order is important.”

But what about hashtags, Stuey? “Oh… hashtag the ass off them!!!”

Stuey 2

Stuey 3

Stuey 4

Stuey 5

Stuey 6

Stuey 7

Stuey 8

Stuey 9

Photographer: Stuey B

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